How to balance schooling as a mother

Are you finding it hard to cope as a schooling mother? Or Are you a first-time mom and don’t know how to balance being a parent and student?


Well, we know how difficult it could be to cope while schooling and taking care of your baby, both require a lot of your time and emotional energy. That’s why Augustsecrets is giving you the following tips on how to balance being a parent and student.

These are the following tips:

  1. Ensure to utilize campus resources, if there is anyone provided by the school, such as onsite day care or support groups for students with children.
  2. Set a realistic goals for your schooling, by figuring out how many credits you need to take per semester and how much time you need to spend to care for your child.
  3. Always ask for help either from family members or ensure to look for a maid/nanny to help you with house chores or baby.
  4. Feel free to drop extraneous activities
  5. Set a schedule time table
  6. Do something physical each day, It can be as simple as a bit of stretching right before you go to bed.
  7. Try to get enough sleep

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