Saving 10k

"I am suggesting our next community outreach involves more people making contributions. It should not just be about the company alone, but team members, vendors and all. You know why? There’s a special feeling it gives to know your contributions is making life better for some children out there outside of your daily work"

These were Sarah’s words at our last meeting. Sarah, one of Augustsecrets Team Leads was making a case for more contributions for the Saving 10K Programme because each event has always been absolutely rewarding.

The Saving 10K Programme is one of Augustsecrets way of giving back. We do this because we understand our work is tied to an urgent need; 28 million African children are malnourished and improved access to nutritious, affordable food is the prime solution.

The goal is simple; to save 10,000 African children from malnutrition through;

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