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Jadens Fruitamil:

Jadens Fruitamil is an all-natural multigrain & fruit cereal made with Oats, Rice, Apples, Bananas & Dates powder. A silky smooth, nutritious and tasty cereal just like home. Jadens Fruitamil is especially richer in dietary fibre with real fruits blended into them for that extra yumminess (we never use concentrates at all) Most importantly, is extra fortified with Vitamin A, an essential micronutrient of public health importance for the growth & development of African children. 18% dietary fibre daily recommended intake
Texture: Smooth Colour: Creamy
How to Prep: Prep in a pot on the stove for just 2 minutes. For Creche & Busier days: No need to make Jadens each time your child needs to feed, simply make in bulk and store in the warmer and it can be scooped and served at each mealtime. Jadens can keep fresh in the warmer for up to 18 hours. Leftovers: We never thrash Jadens because its real food. Leftovers can be refrigerated and re-heated for baby as long as it still tastes and looks fresh. For microwave use, food must be covered and in heat-safe wares only.

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    Lisa Koaduwa

    I legit found myself marketing AugustSecrets to my daughter’s pediatrician. He even asked me to send him pictures of the variants so he can introduce to his patients. For real, I’m glad you introduced me to AugustSecrets.

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    Finally I have seen a food my son enjoys eating. I have been trying different kinds of baby food for 3 months now, but he has refused to eat them and I will end up giving the food out to another family.
    But the Fruitamil, he eats it without stress. Thank God I met you cos feeding my baby has been a very big challenge for us.

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    I started using your product about 2 months ago and it’s has been an amazing experience. Before Jaden’s meal, we tried almost every cereal but my son kept rejecting them. Then I went to the mall one day and saw Jaden meal, I quickly went to your IG page and saw lots of testimonies, I decided to give it a try. And behold my son ate it without struggle or crying. Ever since it has been Jaden’s meal or nothing.

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    I had a baby in January and we started our semi solid with Jadens and was happy he loves it. it feels really good cos with my other kids I couldn’t get a Nigerian food for them cos it was 10 years ago. Well done and thank you.

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    Mrs. Sylvia

    Not a lie we started using Jaden products at 6 months now we’re hitting 1 year old by next 2 weeks. It has been an amazing journey with Jaden products. I was buying from Blenco all through before I found out @fififuudies sells ur products and her shop is at the back of my house so it saves me the stress of going to Blenco. My babies didn’t reject any of the products, they love all. 😍😍

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    Mrs. Iyabo

    My daughter ate her food. I’m so glad and surprised. Before the two packs finishes, I’ll restock with the bigger size.

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    Olaifa Omowunmi

    I’m so happy today ehn I’m the most happiest woman on earth. I’ve tried different formulas for my baby since last month. I went to one of the stores in Abeokuta today and saw Jaden’s meal. The lady convinced me to buy Fruitamil. Was so scared. I got Fruitamil and my baby loves it ehn. She ate it and was crying for more. She has been sleeping for 2 hours now.

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    Udoh Janet

    I’m dancing right now. | was so worried about my baby. She hates pap and she wouldn’t accept any of the cereals I’ve tried. I dread her feeding time cos it’s always a battle. I got your products yesterday and my baby is now eating like an adult, clearing the plates. It’s like I’m making food every two hours. 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼

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    Hello. Please I have a testimony ooooo. My baby loves the food oooo and she wants to drink the fourth plate. Thank you so much Augustsecrets

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    I found myself marketing AugustSecrets to my baby’s doctor today. She acknowledged that she’s well fed and looks healthy and then inquired about what she eats, so I told her about all the variants of AugustSecrets she takes. You probably gained a new customer because she went off to your website immediately

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    I introduced a new cereal to my kids today and it felt like they shouldn’t stop. They enjoyed every bit of it. The fact that it’s the first time I introduced it to them and they ate like it’s an old meal amazed me. At least, the fact that there’s a substitute to pap is relieving, the stress and procedure is quite draining honestly since 5 months! After the trial of different cereals, I’ve found the perfect match for them

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    We made plantain puree with AugustSecrets recipe and my baby enjoyed it! We are 9 months old now! And just bought our Fruitamil. The smell is amazing!

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    Hello. I sent a message to you about my son’s weight .His weight has really improved so much. God bless you

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    Hi. So before, I complained my baby didn’t like AugustSecrets before. She loves it now. I took your advice to go back to her previous milk and I did. Now, she’s getting her body back Thank you very much ma.

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    Shi’fa Olanrewaju

    My friend introduced me to AugustSecrets when I kept complaining about my baby’s fussy feeding habit. It’s been bliss ever since then. Thank you AugustSecrets.
    My baby prefers Fruitamil to Mixagrain though, but both products are amazing.

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    Please I have a testimony oooo. My baby loves the food oooo and she wants to drink the fourth plate. Thank you so much Augustsecrets

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    Mrs. T-M

    Augustsecret for president. I bought fruitamil for my baby for the first time.
    I prepared it with hot water plus baby’s milk like regular cereal without cooking it. She cleared it and slept off. Hubby tasted it and said its rich and tasty.
    I ordered it from kemi_rich mart. Thank God I bought 2 packs.

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