My picky eating gave mom a solution:

Jadens Cereals

AugustSecrets Ltd is an award-winning company started by a young mom who had her child, Jaden, outside her country Nigeria. On returning, she bought all sorts of cereals and baby care items for the baby to be weaned at 6 months, but he later rejected them all.

As a first time mom, she got frustrated as the child was starving, and then, this moved her to begin to find alternatives from every day African food crops to make homemade meals for her son. Alas! Jaden preferred all the natural, homemade ranges and grew healthy on them all.

This attracted a lot more moms & caregivers who had picky eaters and fussy meal times to request for the natural cereals. As the demand grew, she engaged dieticians and nutritionists and was able to come up with an all-natural, nutritious cereal range; Jadens Cereals named after the baby!

From selling to friends and family in 2017, today Jadens Cereals sells tonnes of packs from popular retail outlets and markets helping parents solve the frustration of feeding their babies right with more nutritious options from locally available crops like potatoes, rice, soya, and grains.

The Cereals are also exported to all countries especially Ghana, UK and some parts of the USA.

‘Our homemade baby cereal range is the best for introducing babies and fussy eaters to organic healthy meals which can be prepared as weight gain meals, especially for kids with dietary concerns & allergies’.

It is fulfilling to be able to turn my personal pain into a company committed to optimal child nutrition, improving the lives of our smallholder farmers and creating jobs within Nigeria and the African continent’.

Toyin Onigbanjo,
CEO Augustsecrets Ltd

Our story is our biggest motivation. We are helping busy, health-conscious parents & caregivers feed their babies real food to solve their child nutrition worries. This is also improving the livelihoods of small-holder farmers who supply us with all the local food inputs we use.

Our Vision

To become a leading African purpose-driven childcare brand.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to raise healthier children and solve child nutrition challenges with creative, wholesome options.

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