Fruitamil In Three Ways

Prepare time: 10mins

Cook time: 10mins

Ready in: 10mins

Fruitamil is a no cooking instant, unique Cereal combination of Oats with real fruits such as apples and bananas that helps in transitioning to solids after breastfeeding.

Oats is one of the healthy meals to start with; a major ingredient in Fruitamil. It contains high amounts of fiber, magnesium, iron and zinc. It also reduces constipation in babies.


• Add 2 tablespoon of Jaden’s Fruitamil into a bowl
• Add 1tablespoon of Milk
• Add Warm water then mix
• Serve


• Add 2tablesppon of Yoghurt into the blender
• Add any Fruit of your choice, e.g Banana, Apple, Mango or Avocado.
• Add 2tablespoon of Jaden’s Fruitamil
• Blend till smooth
• Then serve.


• Add 2tablespoon of Jaden’s Fruitamil to a clean bowl
• Add 1teaspoon of baking powder
• Add water and mix to form a smooth paste
• Grease pan and place on low heat.
• Scoop in bits into pan and fry till golden brown.
• Serve with syrup, fruits or yoghurt.

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4 Responses

  1. Hi,Taiwo
    My baby will be 6month next month
    My question is “should i stick to fruitamil only, or add some like ur fish powder, veggies, nuttymeal and mixagrain pls 😔

    1. Hi Taiwo.
      Thanks for reaching out. Do not stick to only Fruitamil; your baby deserves more. We recommend you also explore other Jaden’s meal for your adorable one.

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