Starting your baby on solids? This is your starter pack to have a fuss-free journey

1. AugustSecrets meal plan book

50 recipes with traditional ingredients, Meal Plans, Shopping, Cooking Guides, & use of leftovers are in this best-selling book. No you can’t same thing elsewhere other than Augustsecrets.


2. First shopping list

Shop for Avocadoes, Carrots, Pears, Yoghurt, Bananas, Okra or Ewedu, & Augustsecrets Jaden’s meals for your first trial.


3. Keep your paediatrician close

It is important to ask questions and get approval from your child’s doctor before serving a new food to your child instead of just the internet.


4. AugustSecrets 24-hour line

Keep the Augustsecrets 24-hour line close to you just in case you need more help making the foods. Its 09094579106.


5. Breast pump

You need to keep breastfeeding your child and complement with foods. Starting solids is no excuse to stop breastmilk which your child needs more.

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