When can I give my baby pepper?

My mother-in-law’s friend saw me one day with 3-month old Joanne and first question “When are you going to start giving her pepper?
I was not suprised at all because it is a normal thing for our African moms to dip a finger in spicy food to give babies to “WELCOME THEM TO THE WORLD OF FEEDING”

I am sure you can relate.

Ideally, it is advised that spicy foods and highly-seasoned foods should be delayed for babies until they are 1 year old. I know some babies like swallow ehn? Dragging plate with mummy, but to avoid what is known as GASTROOESOPHEGAL REFLUX, or “To avoid troubling the digestive system”, please try spicy foods only from their first birthday.

Also remember that if you are nursing and you eat spicy food a lot, your baby has started feeling the tastes through breastmilk.
Some babies prefer and get ready for spicy-tasting foods earlier or later, so remember not to rush your baby.

You may however, sprinkle Baby-friendly spices GRADUALLY in baby’s meals from 9 months especially if they like soups. Many Herbs & Spices are natural antibiotics and are rich in Vitamin C, Manganese, Zinc, and other micronutrients and others.

Examples are:

  • Ginger Powder
  • Garlic Powder
  • Thyme
  • Augustsecrets Fish powder
  • Augustsecrets Crayfish powder


In the AugustSecrets Meal Plan Book, you will find perfect ideas on using spices.

Dont be confused, get the right help.

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