Fussy eater’s special meals

Have you been searching for tips to feed your picky eater who just hates food?

Did you even know that there are tricks and tips to get them to love food?

Some of them are;


Make the food fun:

Use colours such as orange (carrots) green (avocadoes) red (bell peppers) to achieve an interesting feel on the plate.


Mash up:

Understand the nutritious foods such as fruits, vegetable and protein-rich foods and mash them up in their best foods.


For instance if your child loves pasta, you can make Pasta + Mashed Beans or Veggie Beans pudding. That way the beans would not be obvious and they think they are eating just pasta.

You can also add in some Fish Powder and that way they get extra loads of protein and essential fatty acids that they miss when they don’t eat their meats.


Get the Veggie Beans:

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