Boost your kids appetite naturally

I know how it can be when the kids don’t eat and all they just want are junks.

Follow this steps to boost your kids appetite:

  1. Always offer water 30mins before meal time, this helps a lot.
  2. Kids who tend to fuss over food should be fed every two hours, because the basic 3meal in a day may not be boosting their digestive system enough to make them feel hungry.
  3. Infuse yoghurt in their daily meals, it’s a diary product, with healthy pro biotics and calcium which are amazing for the appetite and immunity of the child. (The yoghurts could either be regular or greek,that is, fine, thick, white, and less or no sugar is best for children).
  4. Always make juice with ginger and honey, this really helps in improving their appetite.
  5. Snack is a meal: instead of offering junks all the time, why not try out the healthy Cookie’s Fussypops, this a whole meal in a cookie with just one the kids can get all daily required nutrient.

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