Jaden’s Starter Bundle (4)


Save ₦200

Jaden’s Starter Bundle:

Jaden’s Starter Bundle is a combination of all 4 Variants of Jaden’s Cereals. Get the best of 4 variants and save immediately instead of worrying about which variant your child would love.
How to Prep: Prep in a pot on the stove for just 2 minutes. For Creche & Busier days: No need to make Jadens each time your child needs to feed, simply make in bulk and store in the warmer and it can be scooped and served at each mealtime. Jadens can keep fresh in the warmer for up to 18 hours. Leftovers: We never thrash Jadens because its real food. Leftovers can be refrigerated and re-heated for baby as long as it still tastes and looks fresh. For microwave use, food must be covered and in heat-safe wares only.


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